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Patio Shower [Water Pressure Supplied by Optional Water Pump]


Personal Hygiene

My wife and I have a personal bias toward the patio shower.

A patio shower has an obvious function in day to day life when you have a pool. Rinse off before you swim and you can keep your pool water fresher. But that's not all there is to it. There's something vacation-like about an outdoor shower, something hedonistic, luxurious and frankly playful. Nothing compares with getting under that cool shower, especially when you're feeling hot and parched, and need to cool off. When the moisture hits your skin, you can practically hear it sizzle, then the water slides off, carrying with it all the heat, and leaving you with blessed relief.

The patio shower's usefulness can extend beyond its obvious playtime functionality. In temperate weather, if you do something messy like remodeling, you can rinse off before you come inside.

And In An Emergency...
You can use the patio shower in an emergency situation. The patio shower grants you the power to maintain your own personal hygiene even in the worst situation.

Hook the patio shower up to your emergency water pumping system and your water source, and you can keep clean in close quarters when it really matters to everyone's health and comfort.

In an emergency situation, use strenuous water conservation guidelines--
* Get damp, then turn the water off;
* Soap up (and shampoo) with the water off,
* Rinse off all at once.

The model shown works well with our emergency pumping system.

This model is portable with a small footprint, but it is large enough to be well balanced. (Lesser portable models have small unstable bases.). Because you aren't tied to built-in plumbing hardware, you can relocate this unit convenient to your emergency dwelling area. (Remember to read the pump directions to stay within its pumping parameters.)

Personal Hygiene products
With adequate planning, you can use your regular products for keeping clean. Make sure you include antibacterial soap in your grab-run bags. In addition to this, you may want to include a packaged hand sanitizer, iodine, alcohol, and/or hydrogen peroxide.





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Patio Shower [Water Pressure Supplied by Optional Water Pump]

Patio Shower [Water Pressure Supplied by Optional Water Pump]

Patio Shower Shown With Optional Water Pump