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Infant and Toddler Provisions

Physical Needs
If your family includes infants or toddlers, make sure you include the proper food. If the babies are still on formula, include supplies of formula in your pantry.
You can store individual servings of formula, cans of powdered formula that is designed to be reconstituted a bottle at a time, or several serving cans.

Unless you have a generator and working refrigerator, do NOT stock up with multiple serving cans unless you have enough infants and toddlers to use an entire multi-serving can at a time. Without refrigeration, excess formula will have to be discarded. You can also store powdered infant cereal. It keeps for a long time, and only small portion-sized quantities are used at the time of preparation. Baby's eating utensils should be provided: age appropriate baby spoons, drinking cups, sippers, cereal bowls, measuring spoons and cups for correct food preparation.

Disposable diapers are probably the best option. Disposable baby wipes are an especially important addition, as well as plastic bags and twist ties for disposal--and a specialized container to hold baby trash.

If there is an adequate water source, cloth diapers are an option. However, baby laundry requires a significant amount of water to process, plus a lot of labor to launder, and a significant ventilated area to air dry.

Diaper pins, baby powder and other baby toiletries such as diaper rash remedies should be packed in the baby's grab-run bags. Anything in the grab-run bag should also be included in your emergency provisions.

Remember items to keep babies and toddlers amused. This includes simple toys. Infant toys like a play gym or rattles or crib toys will help keep your baby entertained. Picture books and simple board games like chutes and ladders for toddlers.

Make sure that any included toys are also baby-safe.