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Ready-To-Eat Meals

The Military calls them MREs: Meals, Ready to Eat. We call them delicious. They’re a  line of packaged meals with an extended shelf life of five years (or longer if kept in a cool location.) Government tests of these meals stored up to seven years have recorded positive palatability results, but manufacturers recommend the food be consumed prior to the five-year expiration date.

Ready-To-Eat Meals require no cooking, though they do taste better if heated. We aren't talking about some scary cafeteria-style mystery meat either; all packages display a complete ingredients list. Deluxe MREs include everything from entrees to side dishes and silverware while Emergency Meal Kits contain only entrees.

A seventy-two hour Emergency Meal Kit for a family of four can mean the difference between making do with peanut butter and crackers or having actual hot meals. (You can even get chemical heaters, which combine with water to heat your Ready-To-Eat Meals in fifteen minutes!) In an emergency situation--without electricity, gas, or your regular food sources--imagine how comforting a hot meal would be.